History of the Office Building

(House at 1107 Chesterfield Ave. Lancaster, SC)

The house was built in 1910 by the father of Effie Stogner and Bertha Stogner Small. His name was W.P. Stogner. W.P. and his wife were in charge of the Old County (Nursing) Home on Hwy. 9 when the house was built. When W.P. died, he left the home to Effie, who sold half of it to Bertha. Bertha was married to Grover Cleveland Small. The home was made into a duplex. Later, Bertha sold her half back to Effie, resulting in Effie renting that half of the home out to tenants.

Effie lived in the home until her death, but it is assumed that she died without a will, as all her extended family inherited the house. Half of the house was rented by Shorty (son of Bertha Stogner Small) and Doris Small after they got married. Their children were born here. Gil Small, a client of Robert Mungo, was born here, but moved around 1948. Hazel, Effie and Bertha had a brother who lived next door on the west side. Their brother John, who owned Stogner Motor Co., lived in the Witherspoon Inn, located beside the Old Post Office on Main Street.

Robert Mungo purchased the house from the family estate, and remodeled the house into a professional tax and accounting office. Mr. Mungo retained the charm of the 1900s by using most of the original woodwork and fireplaces. Mr. Mungo added the staircase and made a second floor from the high attic. Currently operated by the firm and services residents and business in the Lancaster and surrounding areas.

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