Forms/Items to bring to us when filing your tax return:


If you haven’t filed with us before or have a new dependent please bring the dependent(s) social security card and date of birth.

Marketplace Insurance – If you have health insurance through Marketplace you must bring us your 1095-A form in order for your return to be transmitted.

Income Forms

You may receive a variety of income forms. Please review this list to see what applies to you and bring them when you bring us your paperwork:

W2 – This will be provided to you by your employer.
1099G – For those who received unemployment in 2020. The state that paid you will send you this form.
1099R – You will receive this form if you took any withdrawal(s) from a retirement account in 2020. The company that manages your retirement account will mail these to you.
1099NEC/MISC – If you are self-employed or paid by someone without taxes being withheld you will receive one of these.
1099SSA – If you are receiving Social Security benefits the Social Security Administration will send you this form.
1099INT – If you earned interest on any accounts during 2020 over $10 the financial institution paying you this interest will mail you this information.
1099DIV – Any accounts that you have earned dividends from will mail you this form (may be in with your 1099 from your brokerage firm if applicable).
1099 Brokerage Accounts – If you have any brokerage accounts you will receive an end of the year report of your gains/losses from your brokerage firm.
W2G – If you have won any money gambling you will be sent this form showing the winnings.
99G – If you received a refund from a State in 2020, you will receive this form in the mail.

Rental Income – Bring the income you received as well as the expenses you have incurred on the rental property. If you have not filed your taxes with us before we will need you last year tax return to pull previous depreciation information from.

Self Employed/Farm Owners – We need a list of your income and detailed list of your purchases/expenses for 2020.


Interest Paid – If you have paid any interest on your mortgage and/or student loan please bring those forms in.

Itemized Deductions – If you are itemizing your deductions instead of taking the standard deduction please bring the following:
Medical expenses, Property Taxes Paid, Mortgage Interest Paid, Contributions made to charitable organizations, donations to Goodwill.
Education Expenses – If you have paid college tuition, the college will send you a 1098-T form. Bring this form along with a list of any other educational expenses not paid to the college – example buying books from Amazon, Chegg or some other book store.

Other Items

Health Savings Account – You will receive a form from your Health Savings Account provider if you made any contributions or have taken any distributions from your HSA account during 2020.

NOTE : If you have sent in or paid any Estimated Tax Payments to the IRS/State during 2020 please bring with you the check number, amount paid and date the check was mailed or the date and amount of the draft.

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